OK .. just a few facts about me and why I started this blog.

I was born in the late 70's, in Amsterdam. (The Netherlands) I still live there. I started programming at the age of 9, with the Commodore 64 of my parents. I have been passionate about computers and technology ever since. I have been working as an IT professional for almost 25 years. Mostly for large financial enterprises. I started this blog after having seen an episode of the Crypto Crow on Youtube, about Cardano and I got so passionate about the project that I wanted to play my part in it. Starting a stakepool just by itself was not enough. I wanted to be more complete and so I decided I was going to share whatever I would come across to. And than mostly just how I think about it. My other passion is music. But this site is not about that 🙂

I am running this out of personal interest. I am not a company. I am very tech savvy. I'm by no means a financial expert. I did my best to put up a nice functional website but there will be errors in the beginning.

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